Who We Are

We are people for whom resilience, has been a theme throughout our careers.

We have all held senior leadership positions and operated in a variety of environments including Global Business, Education, and the UK Special-Forces.

We have experienced success and failure and understand what makes the difference between the two.  

7 values underpin the way we work, shine through in our programmes and shape our client relationships...

...What Matters to Us

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Challenge
  • Support
  • Pragmatism
  • Determination

What's in a Name?



The number 7 has been significant throughout history and across cultures. To us it represents the key achievements that we strive for with our clients: 

An analogy...The Ancients saw 7 key stars in the sky and used them to guide their way and make sense of their place in the world
An 'order to chaos' fact...It takes 7 shuffles of an ordered deck of 52 playing cards before they become randomised! 

Strategic Partnerships

Sunray 7 has an established network of experts from around the world who support the design and delivery of our programmes. This network of individuals and organisations strengthens what we offer by giving us access to specialist knowledge, additional experiences, new perspectives and fresh insights.

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Client Promise
Client Decision Mechanics
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