Building Resilience Through World Class Leadership Development

"I wanted a person from the highest calibre and someone with amazing life experiences. Sunray 7 were my first port of call."

Avanti Recruitment
Ben Palmer, Managing Director, Avanti Recruitment

"Our team was dysfunctional at the start of this. With your help everything is much less stressful and guarded. The results are like the difference between night and day"

Business Unit Leader, BT

"Fantastic! My programme now brings significant benefits to our students and I am proud to be contributing to Northern Ireland's future leadership capability. "

Queens University
Heather McGregor, Senior Postgraduate Officer, Queens University

"You engage deeply with the client and the individuals rather than imposing a standard house consulting model"

Former Director Unilever Finance Academy,

"We have created something very special with Sunray 7, my Area Directors are now confident that they are getting the right people for their business"

Barclays Bank
Former Director Graduate Recruitment, Barclays Bank